Willamette Warré Beehives — Bee-friendly and Beekeeper-Practical!


The Warré hive is a vertical hive invented by Abbé Émil Warré, and is also called “The People’s Hive”. The Warré hive uses a “nadiring” method for growth when the bees need more space for the colony to expand — the new box is “nadired”, or positioned underneath the existing boxes. This serves the purpose of warmth retention within the brood nest of the hive, considered vital to colony health.

Our Willamette Warré hives are well-suited to beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest. They are designed to be both bee-friendly and practical for beekeepers, using a 3/4-frame designed specifically for ease of harvesting and the ability to inspect or adjust hives with minimal disruption when necessary. Each hive is complete with a solid or screened bottom board (your choice), two hive bodies, sixteen pre-grooved 3/4-frames, and a top cover with entrance. Each hive is pre-assembled and ready for you to paint or stain to fit your needs.

Hive bodies are 12.5″ L&W and 9.25″ tall. An assembled hive is 22″ tall.

We also offer the following additional options:

  • Top Feeder port with jar — $10
  • Wax starter strips pre-installed — $15
  • Additional 3/4-frames (8) — $20
  • Additional hive body — $30
  • Quilt box and peaked, vented roof — $40

For your convenience, we do accept modification/specialty requests to accommodate your needs — contact us with any questions!